DRINK OF THE MONTH, april 2014

April is now upon us and winter is releasing her grip. With spring comes a new cocktail menu at the (shameless plug alert) HORSESHOE GRILLE.

Being a restaurant that features BBQ and gluten-free menu options, I took the opportunity to marry the two for a unique and flavorful cocktail.

Gin meets Smoked Paprika

Gin meets Smoked Paprika


This is a gin lovers dream.  Not only does it wake up your mouth, it brings your nose to the party too.  As you draw the glass to your lips , the smell of BBQ fills your nose.  The biting taste of gin and lime is mellowed by the agave syrup and jazzed up by the smoked paprika.

Bar Prep

Bar Prep

SMOKEY WATERS (old fashion glass, smoked paprika rim)

Rim glass, fill with ice, set aside
In shaker w ice:
3oz tanqueray
1 lime wedge squeeze
½ oz agave syrup
2 pinches of smoked paprika
Shake and strain into prepped glass

I first discovered this smokey treat on the simplygluten-free.com website. I made some slight modifications to their Ginebra Gimlet.


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