“What I lack in service…

…I make up for in personality.”

Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy

This is a phrase I coined years ago.  It is not because I give lousy service.  BUT there are times when I get so “weeded” that I cannot give the attention to my guests that I desire and they deserve.

I have a high standard for my level of service.  When it comes to giving people attention and entertainment, I have set the bar high. So, when the shit is hitting the fan, I bust out the super-watt smile and throw the charm into overdrive!

Never let them see you sweat!

Never let them see you sweat!

There is no worse feeling for me when:

*I keep you waiting
*I screw up your order
*I don’t make you feel like you are the only one

I am fully aware of these rare moments in real-time. AND you can bet your sweet patooty that:

*I feel awful
*I will still win you over
*I will spend my entire weekly therapy session on my short-comings

On the occasion when I am on the “other side” of the bar, I have those same expectations of the person waiting on me.  In fact, anywhere that “customer service” is required, I feel my blood boil when the “ball is dropped.”

Think about when you are out somewhere, be it a bar, a clothing store, the DMV, etc.  Do you ever feel like you just became a superhero and your “power” is INVISIBILITY?

"Over here!"

“Over here!”

Xo, Amy

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