I don’t care what you say…

…The full moon messes people up!

Full moon

Scientists and researchers state there is no proof for this phenomenon. Clearly, these people have never worked with the public.

I have been in this business a loooooooong time! Enough, that I do not need a calendar to tell me the full moon is upon us.

My husband (a firefighter of over 30 years) and I have this discussion monthly. We have narrowed it down to the three days leading to the full moon until the three days after. In that time span, people AND animals go bat-shit crazy!

If our work shifts happen to fall in this, let’s call it… “FULL MOON FEVER TIME” or “FMFT” for short, look out! He and his crew are getting inundated with whacked out psyche calls while I am watching co-workers and patrons alike in rare form. Add alcohol to this FMFT and you have yourself some real “entertainment”.

In fact, just last week we were in the thick of it.  I even think I witnessed someone speaking in tongues!

Next FMFT, I think I will arm myself with garlic and holy water!

Holy water, garlic

Please tell me you have experienced this too.

Xoxo, Amy

8 thoughts on “I don’t care what you say…

  1. Amy, you are so gifted at writing and as a bartender. I wish I lived closer to come to your bar. I bet the customers LOVE you !! Keep making me and others smile 🙂

  2. This is so true! I don’t care what the scientists say, lol. I used to work as a psychiatrist and we always had more admissions around a full moon, we used to dread working nights if it was a full moon! 😉

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