“Do you have a note for being absent?”

Dear Readers,

Please excuse my absence.  In the past two weeks Life has gotten in the way of my witty on-line banter. Coupled with my keyboard being busted and trying to write from my iPad (which is like Leo Tolstoy writing War and Peace on an etch-a-sketch by candlelight).

Not to fret my pets, I have been hard at work on new stories for your enjoyment.  And, with all the foolishness that has gone on, there will be some real DOOZIES!

For example, a few weeks ago a woman “inspired” me with her “awesome” choice in table selection during a rather busy evening.  LIKE A MOTH TO A FLAME, is coming your way soon!

Two other “inspirational” events have begun to take form as well:

EMERGENCYthe phone call you never want to get at work from your child


I also owe you a DRINK OF THE MONTH.  FRESH WATERMELONRITA is on the agenda.

Lastly, I have slacked on my SUNDAY SONG selections. I LOVE summing up the week with music and we be in full swing next Sunday.

So, thank you for your patience and thank you for inquiring where the hell I’ve been.  It is nice to know people are really enjoying the MORETHANABARTENDERBLOG and miss it when it goes quiet.

XO, Amy

One thought on ““Do you have a note for being absent?”

  1. Hey, glad to see you’re back – missed you. I wondered what happened. With all the problems in Washington I figured Obama needed you down there. After all you’re Morethanabartender. I have a request – I like the taste of pistachio so would you consider coming up with a drink with pistachio? And if you were so inclined to name it after me, I would certainly be at the Shoe for the Grand Unveiling.

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