About Me

I have been in the food biz since I was a pimply teenager growing up in good old Wakefield, Massachusetts. My mother likes to credit herself as the driving force behind my creativity, wit and good looks. I have a husband that is significantly older than me (you could say I am afraid of long-term commitments). My son is in his teenage years, which explains my drinking. I have three crazy dogs and a pretty smart fish.

I make my living bartending at this amazing restaurant called the Horseshoe Grille in North Reading, Massachusetts. The owners love me (and why wouldn’t they) and they love free advertising even more! So, you will see a lot of shameless plugs on here for the Horseshoe Grille at 226 Main St., North Reading, Massachusetts, 01864. (Google maps will get you there.). I am a full believer in any kind of job security in these hard economic times.

Since we are getting to know each other, I thought you might like to know some of my dirty secrets:

I had a brief stint as a telemarketer for a major store chain.

I was in middle management for 7 years.

I am a natural blonde, don’t hate me!

Don’t tell my husband, but I actually like the old coot.

I like NASCAR.

I wear a size 11 shoe.

Thanks for supporting my sarcasm habit and enjoy my blog!
Amy O’Neil

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