Summer time drinks should be refreshing and thirst quenching.
This drink does just that. But beware, it is easy to drink thru each one fast and furious!



2oz Vodka
3 Lemon Wheels, thinnly sliced
8 Raspberries
2tsps Granulated Sugar
Soda Water, I used flavored (mixed berry)

Drop berries, sugar and lemon wheels in glass
Muddle well, making sure berries are well mashed
Add Vodka
Pack on the ice
Shake, Shake, Shake
Now top with soda water and ENJOY!

Play around with the recipe. Use a variety of fresh berries or melon. Swap in lime for lemon. Swap in silver tequila for vodka.

Have fun in the sun!

Never tell your kids where you work

I feel a sense of responsibility to the global community. Like someone with super powers using them for good and not evil.

If I am going to have this media platform, I feel compelled to warn others when there is danger (or epic foolishness) lurking in our communities and in our homes.

imageConsider the following story a cautionary tale…

Once upon a busy night at work, the phone call came. The call no parent wants to get.
“Your son is on the phone.”
My heart sank. “Tell him I am extremely busy. Ask if it’s an emergency”, I said frantically.
A moment later, “he says it IS an emergency”.

Cue the dramatic music, mamma is about to have a heart attack!

imageIn a flash, I deployed my emergency resources. Like Santa calling for his Reindeer!
“On Donna to table 108 for an order!”
“On Janice to the kitchen for the birthday cake and candles!”
“On Manager to the bar to finish making my drinks!”
“On Hostess to my two new tables with menus and an apology!”

This had all the makings of the proverbial “shit show”.

I scramble to the phone trying to maintain my composure.
ME: “Honey, what’s wrong?!”
SON: “Mum, can I have my XBox back? I’m bored.”
ME: ‘click’

imageApparently we have differing opinions on what constitutes an EMERGENCY!

Blackberry Simple Syrup

imageA staple for your summer cocktails

12oz fresh blackberries

2 sprigs fresh rosemary

3/4cp water

1/4 cp + a pinch of granulated sugar

bring to boil, then simmer 25mins, stir gently every so often

let cool, then strain into bowl using wire tight mesh sieve, gently press til all juice is through

will hold in fridge for a week



White Cucumber Melon Sangria

White Cucumber Melon Sangria


1.5 Liters Sauvignon Blanc
1/2 cp honey
1 small honeydew melon (seeded and sliced)
1 seedless cucumber (sliced into wheels)
2 limes (sliced into wheels)
24 fresh mint leaves

Place melon, cucumber, limes, mint in container
Add honey, gently mix with wooden spoon
Add wine last, gently stir with wooden spoon
Refrigerate overnight

Use in the first 48 hours

Dear woman that found a 15 minute wait to be “unacceptable,”

Another cautionary tale from the front lines of the service industry. Well done!

The Brantley Blog

Dear woman that found a 15 minute wait to be “unacceptable,”

I was unsure of whether to laugh or frown at your overreaction.  I’m sorry that your blood sugar was low and that you had a long day, but after the way that you raided the chocolate covered mints at the host stand while you pouted, I’m certain you would have survived the next quarter hour without keeling over.

When you spat “I live locally,” you may never know the tidal wave of Brantley sarcasm that you so narrowly escaped.  “I’m sorry miss!  Why didn’t you say so!  Let’s just give the shaft to the 15,000 tourists in town for the convention, especially the ones that had the common sense to make a reservation.  I’m sure they will be completely understanding because you live in Orlando whereas they are just pesky invaders that came to spend money in our city.”

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