Let’s Eat!

It just so happens that not only do I like to drink, I like to eat too. But before we go any further in our relationship, I should tell you that I am no “foodie”. In fact, if you fashion yourself a “foodie”, we should just end our relationship now. Food is a necessity. Not a damn art project. Now, don’t get me wrong. I eat with my eyes just as much as I eat with my mouth, but I really don’t have the desire nor the time to discuss the reasons I should try the chef’s sheep intestine stew with farm raised organic root vegetable puree!

I like food I can relate too. Food that reminds me of my childhood. Food that takes me back in time to the meals with my dysfunctional, loud Italian family. So, if that is your style, then we can continue on our journey together in this crazy world.

Let’s share ideas, recipes and stories from the kitchen. All while having a big glass of wine, of course!


click on the link above for this fun and flavorful recipe





2 thoughts on “Let’s Eat!

  1. Chilled at your bar tonight. You weren’t there. No doubt, you were slacking off and working on your little blog here. We’ll hold it against you for a day or two and the forget about it. Better be there next time.

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