I’ll Face It With a Grin

Sometimes, you just need a theme song.  Kind of like Rocky Balboa or even the Golden Girls.

When it’s time to step behind the bar, I listen to this song.

You see my friends, to me, bartending is like being on stage. We engage with our audience. We perform for our audience. We want you to leave life at the door. We want to keep you coming back for more.


The truth is, it’s harder than it looks.

Maybe we just had a fight with our significant other.

Maybe the car didn’t want to start.

Maybe the kids are sick.

Maybe someone we love is dying.

Maybe business is slow and we are worried about making the rent.

Maybe we are on our third double to make ends meet.

Maybe our threshold for the ridiculous has been surpassed.

Maybe we aren’t getting along with our “band mates”.

Maybe the customer before you was a real “piece of work”.

Maybe we have endured the Chef’s wrath because of all the “special requests” that are coming in with every single order.

Whatever “it” is…

…we leave it at the door and put it all on the floor.

This song inspires me to do just that.  I think of Freddy Mercury in the studio laying down what would be his last track.  How gravely ill he was at the time. How he went in there and nailed it.

This song is my anthem.  I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I do.

The Show Must Go On


XO, Amy